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Sparkman's Nursery stocks a comprehensive collection of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides to resolve problems in your lawn, garden and outdoor environment. We have developed our own line of fertilizer especially formulated for West Texas soil and our demanding environment. Ask about Sparkman's Special Blend!

Copper Fungicide Fungicide Copper based fungicide that will control a wide range of diseases on shrubs, bedding plants, and vegetables. This product is a liquid that is mixed with water and applied directly to infected plants.

Vegetable, Flower, Fruit, and Ornamental Fungicide Fungicide Apply to Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit and Ornamentals to control a wide range of diseases including Anthracnose Powdery Mildew and Blight. This product will also control Needlecast on Evergreens.
Fruit Tree Spray and Rose Defense with Neem Fungicide, Insecticide, and Miticide
These products contain a fungicide, insecticide, and a miticide. This is a natural product that will control Powdery Mildew, Red Spider Mites, and Aphids on your roses, vegetables, and all types of shrubs and vines. Neem is a natural extract from the Neem Tree that has a broad spectrum of uses around the home garden.

Amaze Herbicide Used to prevent both grassy and broadleaf weeds. Comes in a granular form that can be applied to your grass and applied in your flowerbeds. Will not control weeds that have already emerged. This product keeps the seed from germinating. DO NOT apply to newly seeded or sodded lawns.

Bermuda Grass Weeder Herbicide Can be applied to Bermuda lawns to control both broadleaf and grassy type weeds. Will cause some discoloration of Bermuda Grass, but will not kill if applied with a hose-end applicator.

 Round-Up Herbicide Non selective Herbicide that can be used to control weeds. Will injure or kill most green vegetation. Keep off of desired shrubs and plants. Does not have any soil activity.

Grass-B-Gon Grass Killer and Bermuda Grass Killer Herbicide Will control Bermuda Grass in flowerbeds. Will not harm shrubs or bedding plants. Can be used with non-ionic spreader sticker. Will control Bermuda in Liriope.

Sedgehammer Herbicide Used to control nutsedge in lawns and flowerbeds. Will not harm Bermuda or Fescue Grasses. Nutsedge needs to be in the 4 - 5 blade stage to be effective. Apply with a non-ionic surfactant to help the chemical stick to the blades of the nutsedge.

Wipe-Out and Weed-B-Gon Herbicide Can be broadcast over Fescue and Bermuda lawns to control broadleaf weeds. Keep off of trees and shrubs. Comes in a concentrate, ready-to-use and hose-end applicator.

Bayer 2 in 1 Insecticide A systemic insecticide and a fertilizer all in one container. Add granules to the soil and the insecticide and fertilizer are both taken in by the roots to add beauty to your flowering plants and to help control Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, and many other chewing and sucking insects.

Bayer Complete Insecticide For soil and turf. Fast acting formula works two ways for maximum strength. Kills insects above ground and kills insects below ground. Three month solid insect protection. 10 lb. bag covers 5,000 sq. feet.

Bayer Lawn and Garden Insecticide Kills many insects on contact. Can be used on lawns to control Fleas, Ticks, and Spiders. One 32 oz. Bottle will cover 5,300 square feet. Can also be used on vegetable gardens to control Thrips and Army Worms. Available in a 32 oz. Ready-to-use bottle or a 32 oz. can.

Bayer Power Force Insecticide Kills on contact. For use on lawns, flowers, shrubs and vegetables. Available in ready-to-spray 32 oz. or granules.

Cygon 2-E Insecticide Can be used as a folier spray and as a drench. An effective control for Aphids, Bagworms, Mites, and Leaf Miners. Also can be applied to Oaks to control Scale and to Pine Trees to control Pine Tip Moth.

Dormant Oil Insecticide Use in the fall to suppress Scale populations in the spring and summer. Apply to Live Oaks, Red Oaks, and Euonymous as well as other Scale Susceptible plants. DO NOT use when temperatures are about 90 degrees.

Insecticidal Soap Insecticide Used to kill Aphids on Hibiscus. A very safe and odorless chemical that works effectively, when used as labeled. Also can be used on Roses, Euonymous, and other listed plant material. Effective for a broad spectrum of chewing and sucking insects.

Merit Insecticide Comes in a liquid or granular form. Apply from April to August to control grubs year round. One application will last all season long. Can be used in conjunction with Dylox, which is a 24 hour grub killer.

Sparkman's Iron & Soil Acidifier Fertilizer Give your yard superior greening power with Sparkman's Iron and Soil Acidifier. Formulated for West Texas; great for bermuda and fescue grasses. 14 - 0 - 0

Sparkman's Special Blend Fertilizer Our number one selling lawn fertilizer. We blend this for the Lubbock area to meet a plants nutrient needs where our soil has failed. Apply to trees and shrubs to prevent chlorosis. A 40 pound bag covers 4,000 square feet. The 50% slow-release Nitrogen will feed for over three months. 21 - 7 - 14 - 5

Sparkman's Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Fertilizer Trees and Shrubs should be fed Sparkman's Tree and Shrub fertilizer on a regular basis to promote good health and growth. 19 - 8 - 10

Bayer All-In-One Rose & Flower Care Three systemic products in one. Fertilizer, insect control, disease control. One application protects up to 6 weeks. No spraying. Mix and pour around plant following label instructions. 32 oz. concentrate.

Ace Caps Tree implants (Iron, Insect and Fertilizer)

Blood Meal Add to Pansies and Roses

Bone Meal Use when planting bulbs.

Copperas 19% iron to prevent Chlorosis. Use on Pears, Oaks and all shrubs.

Deadline MPs Longer control of snails and slugs.

Ironite 4.5% Iron, can be used on Fescue Grass in Summer months.

Iron + Combination of Iron and Nitrogen. 11-0-0 with 16% Iron.

Root Stimulator Used when transplanting trees and shrubs.

Zinc Add to Pecan trees to prevent Rosette.

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